Ticket details:

Price: £1750

Gives you full access to the most valuable content an active searcher could ask for, delivered in-person by subject matter experts. This will arm you with the necessary tools to acquire the right business, quicker.

While speed will save you money, we also wanted to give attendees some immediate cost savings via some incredible sign-up bonuses!

If you sign up for the first cohort today:

Gerald Edelman is offering 20% off of their Financial Due Diligence fee (up to £10,000) to all attendees of the next cohort that use their services (not valid if already engaged with GE). This is an incredible offer for attendees. GE are arguably the most active FDD firm in the UK for acquisition entrepreneurs. Worth £5k-10k

You will also get a 10% discount on the debt arrangement fee, if using TML. TML is a no success, no fee advisor. They are very well regarded in the SME space, raising tens of millions in debt each year. Only attendees, who have there reference will be eligible. Worth £5k+

Lastly, you will unlock 2 months free access to the highest quality on-market deals with Mark to Market’s live deal portal. This is a limited offer. Worth £400+

These no-brainer offers will not last. By signing up now you can save thousands of pounds while using some of the most experienced M&A service providers.

Our Guarantee:

Here's our heartfelt promise to you: If you're not completely delighted with day you spent with us, we will refund your attendance fee. No hoops, no hurdles. Just send us a message, and we'll take care of the rest.

Finally, your attendance also includes the below resources:

  1. Access to our “searcher-friendly” deal team (and the chance to meet those presenting face-to-face)

  2. “Napkin” LBO model to help you build out future cash flows and get to a rough valuation

  3. Legal due diligence information request template- so you can start getting the seller to full the data room before engaging a lawyer (this can save you £000’s if deal dies before fully engaging a lawyer)

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